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Buy The NV200 bill acceptor in Almaty

The NV200 bill acceptor
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In The Master Sky, you can buy the ITL NV200 bill acceptor. The capabilities its of spectral sensors allow you to make full image capture of a bill by scanning more than 4.8 million data points to verify the authenticity of the bills.
The NV200 boasts exceptional note handling on banknotes up to 85 mm wide and standard industry bar codes.
The NV200 is a secure, field proven banknote validator. With a lockable, removable cashbox that can hold up to 1000 notes it is ideal for global high volume applications. The unit can accept notes at acute angles in all four ways as auto-centering technology straightens notes before reading.
  • Exceptional note handling
  • Suitable for global applications
  • Takes more cash
  • Add on recycler available
  • Input voltage: 12 V
  • Input voltage (range): 10.8 - 14.2 V
  • Current consumption: 3 A
  • Working temperature: 5 — 50 °С
  • Connection interface: USB, Serial, Open collector
  • Bill feeding: Short side
  • Bill width: 60 - 82 mm
  • Bill length: 115 - 170 mm
  • Cassette capacity: 1000
  • Cassette included: Yes
  • Bill acceptance: By each bill
  • Protocol support: ccTalk, SSP, MDB, Pulse
  • Bill dispensing module: Yes
  • Bill dispensing module capacity: 80 pcs.
  • Certified by the CB: No
  • Optional: With a cassette for 1000 bills and the SMART Payout module. For the stable operation it is recommended to connect the NV200 bill acceptor + Payout through a separate power supply of 2.5 amperes and above.
  • Bill acceptance speed: 2 b / s
  • Power supply unit type: External
  • Temporary storage module (Escrow): Yes
  • Installation: Horizontal
  • Bill downloading: Frontal
  • Serial number recognition capability: No
  • Bill recycling: Yes
  • Number of recycling drums: 4 pcs.
  • Number of sensors: 4 pcs.
  • Protection against pulling bills: Yes.
Dimensions: 107 x 298 x 362 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
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